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Real-time Thread Reply Push Notifications feature in Slack

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The Real-time Thread Reply Push Notifications feature in Slack revolutionizes team communication by providing instant notifications for replies in specific threads. This ensures constant awareness of ongoing discussions, making threaded conversations more efficient and eliminating the need for manual checks. Experience a more connected and informed collaboration within your team threads

The “Thread notifications for every message” feature is enabled by default

Step 1: Create a Report

Step 2: Customize "Scheduling" and "Respondents & Questions"

Customize the "Scheduling" and "Respondents & Questions" sections to match your team's unique requirements and workflow. Ensure that the schedule and questions align with your goals.

Step 3: Navigate to the "Results Delivery" Section

Go to the "Results Delivery" section to specify how and where the report results should be sent.

Step 4: Choose Report Delivery Channels

Select the channels for report delivery results. Make sure the results are sent to the appropriate channels.

Step 5: Activate "Enable thread notifications for every message"

Activate thread notifications for every message for instant updates whenever someone replies in a thread, keeping your threaded discussions efficient and effective

Step 6: You're done! Run the Process

With all settings in place, launch the process. Your Standup Reports will now follow the configured schedule and deliver results to the specified channels in a threaded format.

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