Personalized subject categorization in surveys

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We are excited to present our latest feature Personalized Subject Categorization in Surveys. With this feature, you can create customized question groups within a single report, tailored to individual team members. Now, you have the power to personalize your standup meetings like never before.

How to create a Personalized subject categorization in surveys?

Step 1: Create a Kanban Standup Report

Step 2: Customize the Scheduling Section

Before you begin exploring our new Kanban Standup Reports, please make sure you have configured the Scheduling Tab as you did previously.

Step 3: Navigate to the "Respondents & Questions" Section

Step 4: Add Respondents

Select the participants for your standup meetings, ensuring that the appropriate team members are involved.

Step 5: Choose the "Custom" option in the Welcome Message settings.

Step 6: Activate "Enable subjects' threads"

Step 7: Select the respondents, enter the Subject Title, and click "Add." (If you want to create questions for all at once, click "Apply to all.")

Step 8: Customize the Results Delivery Section

Step 9: You're done! Now, run the process.

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