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Standuply Collaboration: Online Team Meetings

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We have been working on online communication for a while, and we are very happy to share it with you. Now you have more Collaboration features available at Standuply!

Automate asynchronous processes and integrate them into your online communications. Online meetings are tightly integrated with Standuply automation functionality, so you can schedule online team meetings and gather Agenda or Follow up notes right before or after calls.

How to Run Standuply Online Meeting?

Step 1: Open your Standuply account, go to the Collaboration tab and click the "Run first Event" button.

Step 2: Select the template you need from the list and the option to run a meeting instantly or on a schedule.

  1. When selecting the “Run now” option, add meeting respondents and click the “Run now” button. The selected team members immediately receive a link in Slack or Microsoft Teams DM.

Then respondents get to a Standuply Collaboration platform where they can join a video meeting.

2. When selecting the “On schedule” option, customize the scheduling and click the “Schedule” button. Respondents get the online meeting link according to the schedule.

Step 3: After scheduling, you can also create Agenda/ Follow up reports that reach out to your teammates at the time set.


  • Schedule an Agenda report before the meeting to gather a list of items to be discussed.

  • Schedule a Follow up report after the meeting to capture the key points that were discussed.

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