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How to create a repot/poll/survey

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What is Report?

Standuply has several automation options to improve your virtual stand-up meetings. We call those automation 'reports'. You can configure your own report or choose any of the predefined options.

How to Create Report?

Step 1: Open your Standuply's personal account and click the "Create Report" button.

Step 2: When creating a new report within the Standuply dashboard, just select template you need from the list:

Let’s move on the example of Classic Standup Report. Each Report consists of 3 parts: Scheduling, Respondents&Requests, Result Delivery.

Step 3: Customize the Scheduling. User's local timezone will be automatically selected in the Timezone bar.

Step 4: On the "Respondents & Requests" top bar of the report's settings set team members who are to take part in the Standup survey. You can also customize Report’s questions, add Requests.

Step 5: Set Results Delivery, and hit the “Run and Done” button.

Note. When creating a new standup Report within the Standuply dashboard, you can also:

  • Set up the type of response (single/multi-choice, text, task tracker ticket)

  • Change the response waiting time

  • Include an unlimited number of reminders

  • Add conditions (“if the respondent answered X, then do Y”)

  • Make the report partially or completely anonymous

  • Select the way how the results can be delivered to people (via DM), email, channels (private included)

  • Add data from the task tracker to the report and share it with the team

  • Include additional information in the report (news portals, analytical data, metrics)

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