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Supported Features

The Okta/Standuply SAML integration currently supports the following features:

  • IdP-initiated SSO

  • SP-initiated SSO

  • JIT (Just In Time) Provisioning

Configuration Steps

  1. Sign-in to your Okta admin account

  2. Go to the Applications page and click Create App Integration button

  3. Choose SAML 2.0 and click the Next button

  4. Enter the application name and upload the app logo (optional). You can use the logo under the screenshot

  5. Enter SAML Settings and Attribute Statements as shown on the screenshot:

  6. On the next page click the Finish button

  7. After the app is created you need to enable SCIM provisioning in app settings so click Edit → check Enable SCIM provisioning → click Save

  8. Go to Sign On tab and click View Setup Instructions. Here you will get your Provider Single Sign-On URL, Identity Provider Issuer, X.509 Certificate. You can leave this page open or save these credentials, it will be needed later.

  9. Sign-in to your Standuply account at https://app.standuply.com

  10. Go to SSO & Provisioning settings (https://app.standuply.com/settings/sso-credentials)

  11. Enter the following:

    1) Company Name

    2) Provider Single Sign-On URL

    3) Identity Provider Issuer

    4) X.509 Certificate

  12. Click the Update credentials button

  13. Get your SCIM Token:

  14. Сonfigure your SCIM connection at Okta Standuply application → Provisioning → Integration as shown on screenshot (SCIM connector base URL - https://app-api.standuply.com/scim/v2/okta), copy and paste your SCIM Token to Bearer textbox, test connection with Test Connector Configuration, and click Save button

  15. Go to the To App tab (at the left sidebar in provisioning settings), click Edit, and check Create Users, Update User Attributes, Deactivate Users. Click Save

  16. The setup is done. Use Okta dashboard or Standuply to log in using Okta.

SP-initiated SSO

  1. Click SSO via OKTA button

  2. Enter the Company name you configured earlier and click the Sign In button

Backup URL

If you are an administrator, you can use any of the provided OpenID services like Google, Microsoft, etc. (with an appropriate email address) or with a password to log into your Standuply account.


The following SAML attributes are supported:









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