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Standuply reaches out to selected people and sends them questions in Slack. Once team members provide their inputs, the bot aggregates them and sends the results to chosen channel in threads or as separate messages. Results can also be delivered via DM, email, or Webhook.

Below, you can see how you can create webhooks, for example, if you want Standuply results to be posted to Google Sheets document.

Go to your GS document

1. From your Google Sheet, from the Extensions menu select Apps Script:

2. Paste the following script:

into the script code editor and hit Save.

3. Click Deploy. Choose New deployment from the drop-down list:

4. Choose to execute the app as yourself, and allow Anyone. Click Deploy. Authorize access if it is required:

5. Copy the Web App URL:

6. The URL that you get will be the webhook. Just paste it into the Webhook results section:


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