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Kanban/Backlog Grooming/Planning Poker report templates
Kanban/Backlog Grooming/Planning Poker report templates

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Kanban Standup Report

Standuply asks selected respondents about specified inputs.

Kanban focuses on reducing the amount of work in progress. Its goal to move tasks from start to done as fast as possible.

To make a Kanban Standup Report, please follow the following steps:

Choose Kanban report template at Standuply

Connect your Task Tracker

Customize your report by editing questions or adding conditions

(You choose a list of tasks to be asked about. Questions are focused on the specific details for each task)

Backlog Grooming

Choose the Backlog Grooming report template in Standuply 

To schedule the report correctly, there is an option 'Every specific date' on the first step when creating a report in Standuply.

Connect your task tracker

Сhoose people to ask, tasks to groom, and set up questions. We have prefilled the questions for Backlog Grooming, but you can create your versions.

Planning Poker 

Click on the Planning Poker report template when creating a report in Standuply and pick a schedule based on your workflow.

Connect your task tracker

After that, you choose people to ask and tasks to evaluate. It's done as a survey with different estimation options.

(Feel free to tweak it according to your needs)

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