This type of report can be used to receive a feedback from your team on rcently finished tasks.

1️⃣ Set up the frequency 

We recommend running this process at least 1 time every 2 weeks. If you use Scrum framework, the best thing is to run it after the completing of every sprint as a part of your retrospective.

2️⃣ Select the respondents.

3️⃣ Set up the task tracker params.

It means that you should specify in Standuply your task tracker params to let it pull the tasks and send it to respondents for feedback.

That should be the tasks from the "Done" section of your development board.

Not to overload the process, we recommend selecting the "Random" tasks from the list.

Ask every respondent about 2 random tasks. It will be enough to understand how satisfied each member is about his tasks.

Also, don't forget to specify the assignee from your task tracker to send particular tasks of the assignee in Slack. 

4️⃣ Create questions to ask.

So, afterwards, you just need to create some questions yourself or use our samples. 

5️⃣ Choose the channel to share results.

Then you can specify where the results can be delivered.

Note: currently, the only integration that can be used in this template is Trello, but shortly we'll extend the variation choice to JIRA, Asana, and other task trackers.

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