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Standuply has four pricing plans. Each plan has annual or monthly billing options.

On a monthly plan, your account will be charged each month, on an annual plan you will pay the whole sum once a year.

Toggle left or right to see how pricing changes.

( left - for price per month on a monthly plan, right - for price per month on an annual plan)

Each price in a dropdown is per group of users. We don't charge each user separately.

So you should choose a number of users, which covers the size of a group of potential participants of your reports.

Starter plan

  • 50 answers Q&A storage

  • 1 seat for Q&A

  • 3 respondents for Automation

  • Customizable questions

  • Quick reply using buttons

  • Video & voice messages

  • Holidays and vacations

  • Posting results in a thread

  • Manual standups

  • Surveys

  • User unlimited channel polls

* Answers for Q&A storage - a topic that was added as an 'answer' to your team's Q&A Storage.

* Seats for Q&A - persons from your team who have an access to Q&A Storage.

* Respondents = Slack users, added to Respondents and requests section of your report/poll.

* Reports = polls = standups

Standup bot plan

Starting from $7 per month

Unlimited standups for 3-90 respondents

All Starter features plus:

  • Standups history on the Web

  • Ask people on their time zones

  • Integrations: Giphy, Product Hunt, Medium

  • Standups summary to email

  • Ability to sort summary by question/person

  • XLSX, PDF Export

  • Team video conference automation

Scrum master plan

Starting from $14 per month

Unlimited standups for 4-88 respondents

Standup bot features plus all Starter features, plus:

  • 'Task Response' question type

  • Asynchronous video & voice standups

  • Integrations: Google Analytics, JIRA Conditional questions (if β€˜A’ then ask β€œB’)

  • Multi-reminders

  • Standups analytics dashboard

  • Bot personalization

  • Anonymous surveys

  • Trello integrations

  • GitHub, GitLab & BitBucket integrations

Program Manager

Starting from $17 per month

Unlimited standups for 5-90 respondents

All Scrum Master features plus

  • Multi-admin access

  • Task tracker based surveys

  • Backlog Grooming

  • 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

  • Planning Poker

  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA

  • Shared Channels Delivery

  • Priority support

  • Advanced team analytics

The pricing page is here

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