Set up your first report

Create a test report, send questions to your teammates and start tracking tasks progress.

 Use integrations or create custom one

Share analytics with your team, using our integrations with  Google Analytics/Jira/ Github /Gitlab /Bitbucket and Trello, or create a custom one.

Utilize Metrics to measure Team Members Performance 

Set up a weekly email digest with standup results and track your team performance, using different metrics.

Share the access to your account

Create a shared account at Standuply and manage your team work more effectively, by inviting certain people as admins and letting them edit/create reports/requests or manage billing.

Adjust bot Settings

Unable or disable bot settings to set up Vacation/Holiday mode or let your team mates add answers after the report time is over or even set individual responding time

Customize the look of Standuply bot

Adjust bot photo and name, so it could match your team's style

Trigger bot directly from Slack

Use slash commands to start your reports manually or receive requests via DM anytime.

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