Standuply interviews your team members in Slack, collects their answers and provides you with an ability to see the history and analytics of stand-ups right in your Standuply’s personal account on the web.
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How can I use Standuply?

In general you set up questions and choose people to answer them. Then below are some features, which you can use to track the effectiveness of your Standups:

  • Set up some different types of reports: track, for example, the mood of your co-workers, using mood reports.
  • Attach some "requests": request is a feature that allows you to get information not only from your team members but also from various third-party services. You can create requests on the team overview page of you Standuply's personal account 
  • Use Conditions, User's local time zone and individual responding time to personalize your standups.
  • Create a shared account at Standuply, using Permissions. if you want to manage your team work more effectively, you can invite certain people as admins into your account and let them edit/create reports/requests or manage billing etc
  • Use Analytics and History

When you create an account at Standuply, 30-days trial period starts automatically. So you can test all the features for free without any limitations during a month and set up the reports the way you like.

What is a target audience of Standuply?

On the level of teams we focus on distributed teams because in this case the need of being on the same page is more critical than in case of co-located teams. But in fact there are some interesting use cases almost for any type of team, so feel free to use your imagination or ask us about the use case that would work for your team :) 

What makes Standuply unique?

Standuply resolves the issue of keeping track of what everyone is or not getting done. It does this automatically by gathering data from your team and then Standuply sends reports to via DM, to a public or private channel or via email. With Standuply you’re always on the same page with your team even if it’s distributed and don’t spend time on boring and inefficient meetings if it’s co-located.

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